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Independent Opinion Poll Puts HH Ahead Of Edgar Lungu

Published: 2020-08-15T14:04:55Z -3,842 People Read This

Hakainde Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu

As Zambia gears up for the 2021 general elections, Hakainde Hichilema also known as HH / Bally is in the lead for the best person to replace President Edgar Lungu, a new independent opinion poll shows.

The poll titled ‘The New Zambia Governance’ was conducted by Zambia’s Official Entertainment Platform on behalf of the Southern Africa Institute for Strategic Studies, a public policy think-tank, and the Independent Expert Peer Group of policy and public analysts.

The New Zambia Governance surveys perceptions on a range of issues regarding succession and transfer of power for the office of president.

According to the opinion poll, 4,647 Zambians from all regions were interviewed between May 10th 2020 and August 10th 2020

On Friday 14th August 2020, unveiled the report indicating that if elections were held today, Zambians would vote for Mr Hakainde Hichilema with 56%, Edgar Lungu would come second with 32% while Forum for Democracy & Development’s Edith Nawakwi – a veteran politician would come third with only 3%.

2% were undecided on who to vote, their response was “I do not care who is sworn in next”, and all they yearn for is peace and stability in Zambia. Only 7% told this website, they would not vote for any candidate.

According to the report, HH also known as Bally has the highest chance of succeeding being sworn in as the next president, but this would depend on so many factors including a manifesto that would cater for every Zambian regardless of their tribe, region and religion.

Meanwhile, 49% of Zambians were free to talk about politics, 26% were either not free or had no comment, 39% think the living conditions are bad and 39% of Zambians are not confident in the PF Government running the economy. 

The poll also says 73 percent of Zambians trust the Electoral Commission to conduct a free and fair election while 27percent blamed security forces for harassing candidates and voters.

If you were not among the 4,647 Zambians that were approached by the opinion poll team, Click Here and leave a comment below telling us who you think should be the next President Of Zambia.

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