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Photos Of The Most Beautiful Police Officers In The Zambia Police Service

Published: 2018-02-04T18:46:40Z -48,438 People Read This

Most Beautiful Female Zambia Police Officers

These babes are sexy, hot and spontaneous police staff that both Married and unmarried men look at and they keep smiling even when they are charged with any case. They are the kinds of women that when you mention their names into a room full of bachelors, they stop working and begin the argument of who is hotter than the other, everyone will have their taste but has finally come up with its list of the sexiest and most beautiful female officers working with the Zambia Police Service. Well, stop and stare at beauty within these ladies with envy but they are a kind of girls everyone wants and dreams of being with.

(10). Thabo Kalengo Chalwe

Thabo is known for her exceptional beauty and inventive ideas within the Zambia Police Service. She’s got an angelic voice and this just makes her even seem hotter than she appears. She’s happily married.

(09). Bridget Chiteula

She’s one of the youngest female officers in the Zambia Police Service. Her excellent eminence in handling police duties and services is what her top bosses love about her. Not only is she beautiful, Bridget Chiteula is a friendly and trustworthy officer.

(08). Hellen Mwansa

Her harmonious voice, divine beauty and co-operation with the locals has proved to many Zambians that, the Police Service is not only meant for men but to women too -  more so to the young and smart youths like herself.

(07). Florence Mwansa

Well, the only thing we can say about Florence is - She is one police officer who looks absolutely adorable and always cheerful. Her beauty extends to her voice even when she’s interrogating or writing a statement for any case file. A source confirms to this website that, Florence Mwansa is one officer whose decisions are always seconded.

(06). Jane Bowa

There’s a saying here in Zambia that goes like “All Women With Dimples Are Naturally Beautiful & Sexy”, hmmmmm if that’s true, then is right to have Jane Bowa as its number 9 on this list. Trust us, this Lusaka based traffic officer is dam cute.

(05). Sarah Phiri

A Lusaka resident serving in the police service. She isn't just picturesque but also a mother of a 2 year old baby girl. Sarah attended Naboyi High School. When asked what she's always wanted to become, she said – she has always considered being a model since she was a little girl. Trust us; Sarah Phiri is a soooo cute.

(04). Elizabeth Bwalya

Everyone, in Lusaka City, knows Elizabeth Bwalya. No? The handsome Jerabohs know her. The cab drivers in downtown Lusaka know her. Even the city mayor knows her too. The Chief justice of Zambia also knows her. Everyone knows her. Why?? This police officer is self-contained- She has got a steam bath, gym, swimming pool in her that most of other women will use her as an excuse of consuming all the waters! Thank you Zambia Police Service, you have given city single men reason to break some simple traffic laws everyday simply because they can’t stop starring at her. Elizabeth is damn gorgeous !!!

(03). Natie Kate

Popularly known as constable Nankamba. Natie was born and bred in Kasempa Western Province of Zambia. She loves listening to music more so gospel songs. Soccer fans have told that, Natie Kate is an Arsenal die-hard. She spends most of her money on latest fashion and trends of shoes, cloths, sneakers etc. What else !!! Ofcorse she’s beautiful.

(02). Mutinta Mangwato

 If you don’t know real Zambian beauty, then you are Chinese disguising as Zambian. Try to use Google, it will tell you Mutinta is the meaning of beauty. If you are driver, trust us, you have seen officer Mutinta somewhere around Lusaka. Well many might wonder the criteria that we used to come up with this?  Ever since Zambian Police Service was introduced, It has been said that, all women in Police Uniform had questionable physical appearances. Hmmmm whoever still believes so, then look at Mutinta and you will agree with us that, the Zambia Police Service has beautiful female officers.

(01). Raquel Malama

Oh, sweet Jeeesus, how do we describe Raquel? She is a stunning beauty. She glows. Yes, she glows and glistens like a Kitwe road in a Mercedes car commercial. Her smile is the smile of the sun flashes when it sets on a beach. Her figure hmmmmm? Oh, heavens, her body shape looks like it were drawn with a compass; round curves with bulges behind. For starters, she is the police officer that officially got married a few weeks ago. Raquel Malama – sweet heart you’re the right definition of beauty.

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