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Watch Video: Donkey Kisses Iris Kaingu's Yummy Boobs

Published: 2020-03-30T15:37:29Z -11,613 People Read This

Zambian Socialite Iris Kaingu

As many Zambians are quarantining themselves due to the corona virus that has seen Zambia record a few cases, Sexy Zambian socialite - Iris Kaingu seems not to be worried about the pandemic.

Basing on the videos and photos that we gathered today, Iris is instead busy enjoying her life to the fullest. could not verify the place where Iris Kaingu and her friends were having fun from, but all we can say is, she's having a good time somewhere in Zambia.

If you thought you were the only one crushing on Iris, then just know that you're not alone - even donkeys love Iris, Yes !!! they donkeys crush on her. 

Watch The Video below to see a donkey kissing Iris Kaingu's yummy boobs.

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