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Singer Mampi Advises Fans Never To Mock Barren Women

Published: 2019-10-28T21:20:38Z -12,261 People Read This

Zambian Musician Mampi to release song about Barren women

ZAMBIAN singer Mampi also known as the Queen Diva took to social media and advised her fans to never mock any barren woman.

Many of Mampi’s fans have in the past questioned her as to why she has not yet given birth even now that she is above the age of 30.

If, what her fans believe is true, then we will let you know when her new song is officially released.

A source has told that - Mampi is in studio recording a song about barren women. We are not sure if Mampi has entirely dedicated this song to herself.

We will keep you updated when the song drops.

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