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Meet Biko The Mensch, Zambian Rapper Based In Italy

Published: 2019-08-18T18:30:45Z -8,009 People Read This

Biko The Mensch, A Zambian Artist Based In Italy Rome

Zambian musician Biko The Mensch, real names Portpher Choobe was born on 22nd September 1992 in Siavonga Zambia.

Driving his inspiration from legends like Fat Joe, Jay Z, Nas, Rick Ross among others, Biko The Mensch started music while in school at the age of 15 re-echoing some of the 90s hits.

Before enrolling at the University Of Rome in Italy for a Masters Degree in Development and International Co-operations, Biko The Mensch first attended University of Zambia – thing that never gave him space to do music since he was ever busy.

During his stay in Italy, the humble and calm talented singer has managed to record and release a couple of songs including ”African Dream” and ”Give Me That Love.

Biko The Mensch aims at taking Zambian music to the world.

Download His Songs Here

Watch Biko's New Video Below


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