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REVIEW: The Science Behind Music In Games

Published: 2019-07-26T16:03:50Z -11,977 People Read This

Zambian Music & Zambia Games

ZAMBIAN Music constantly surrounds us. You may like it or not. Everything, from the jingle of a radio advertisement to a hit song during a concert, has been carefully crafted to fit its purpose. Music can have a huge effect on us in ways we might not even perceive. It's no different when it comes to music for online casino games, of course, but how much influence does music have in a slot game? brings you a brief overview of science and the relationship between music and gambling more so in Zambia.

Music plays a fundamental role in Zambian culture. Whether it's the tribal rhythms of traditional Aboriginal music, or the intricate air of a live music concert in Lusaka, Kitwe, Chipata, Livingstone or anywhere in and outside Zambia, there's no denying the importance of music to motivate, relax or inspire.


Even science has long studied the effects of music on our brain: it can make you work better, make you happier and reduce stress.

Music can alter the way we perceive an environment and it can affect the amount of time we would like to stay. Most fast foods outlets and even down town restaurants in Zambia tend to offer relaxing music, making consumers more likely to enjoy their meal or drink in a quiet environment.

If the same cafeteria were to spread very noisy it would completely change the atmosphere in a counterproductive way. Obviously the perception of the environment due to the sound factor can vary depending on your musical taste.

These approaches have also been applied to casino music. Any betting operator like Betway wants bettors to play in a relaxed mood, which means making music and sound engaging, but also attractive. The sparkling and captivating high-energy music that you may not want to hear normally might encourage you to keep playing thanks to its edifying nature.

With the development of online casinos even slots have regained their former popularity. 


Now we have slots and games based on important artists and musical events, cultural icons and franchise films. Music plays an important role in helping our association with show icons, as well as being a sign of authenticity and quality. For example if there were an online slot with the Batman theme, we would expect to hear the historical suigla and all the related sound effects.

Without these, the game itself seems less authentic, and perhaps even lacking in quality. It is interesting to note that this is exactly what a study by Mark Griffiths and Jonathan Parker, psychologists at Nottingham Trent University found. Their observation highlighted four key points regarding the music of a slot machine and the relationship to the gaming experience.

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