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B Flow Sends Strong Advice To JK, Chester & Kayombo

Published: 2019-07-21T11:53:20Z -20,158 People Read This

Zambian Musician B Flow & JK

Last week, Zambian singers Chester, Kayombo and JK released a song to celebrate the acquittal of Minister Ronald Chitotela.

On July 11th 2019, Housing and Infrastructure Developments Minister Honourable Ronald Kaoma Chitotela was acquitted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court in a case where he was accused with 9 Counts of possession and concealing of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.


One count was Concealing Property suspected of being proceeds of crime, and 8 counts of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to Section 71 subsection (1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act Number 19 of 2010.

After being declared a free man, faded musicians JK, Chester and Kayombo ran to to studio and recorded a song praising Ronald Chitotela for being a brave politician / minister.

Download The Song Here

On hearing the poorly produced song, musician B Flow took so social media and advised the above mentioned artists to play their career cards well or else they might soon regret.

In one of his posts, quotes BFlow saying “Senior artists that continue to sing songs of praise dedicated to politicians are weakening the Zambian music industry. What those artists don't realize is that they are also killing their own legacies and losing respect across Zambia. A useless half baked song can destroy a name that you spent years building”,  B Flow said.

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