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Singer Kay Figo Loses A Head, Blasts Fan Over Kwacha 30,000

Published: 2019-05-05T16:53:31Z -4,306 People Read This

Zambian Musician Kay Figo

The 'Kanyelele' Singer Kay Figo is a very calm sexy woman…but when she decides to lose her head, it quickly goes off like she is operating on Murphy’s Law !!!

Well, yesterday the musician roared at her ranting fan on social media.

Kay Figo celebrated for having gathered 30,000 followers on Instagram. One of her fans quickly poked his nose on Kay Figo’s post as seen in the screenshot below.

The fan asked Figo, if she also had a 30,000 Kwacha on her bank account. This did not go well with the singer who responded by putting the fan in his right place.

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