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Watch Cultural Video: Davaos Release Their Second Video For 2019

Posted: 2019-02-15T17:01:30Z -6,782 People Read This

DAVAOS Zambia has released New Video - Oh My Love

ZAMBIA’s dancehall duo – Davaos has continued to prove crititcs that, its still in the A-Class category of the mainstream musicians.

DAVAOS released their first video in mid January 2019, and to our surprise, the female duo has this evening officially premiered its second video for their latest song – Oh My Love

Produced by Kekero, the title of “Oh My Love” reveals much about the themes of the single. The song details how instantaneous attraction and infatuation deepen into an unforgettable relationship. Passion and devotion sizzle under killer beats and intoxicating vocals.

Davaos’ music video brings the song to life with raw, sensual energy and a colorful cultural explosion of visuals that echo the highs and lows of love as well as the song itself.

The video was directed and shot by G-Wise

Download Audio Here

Watch Video Below:

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