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End Of Beef: Bobby East & J.O.B Have Met & Reconciled

Posted: 2019-02-13T17:46:40Z -8,582 People Read This

Zambian Musicians Bobby East (Left) and JOB on Right.

ZAMBIAN rappers Bobby East and JOB aka Jay were spotted together in Lusaka yesterday and they appeared to be Cordial.

Since this week begun, the two musicians have been at each other’s neck reminding the other about their past.

Incase you missed it !!! Well, early this week, JOB released a very touching song titled Dear Brother and he dedicated it to Bobby East. Download The Song Here.

In response, Bobby East also rushed to studio and recorded a song reminding JOB that. Past is past, he moved on with his career. Get The Song Here.

Following the pressure from their fans and music critics in Zambia, the two are now back together and we are thrilled that the musicians and longtime friends have rekindled their friendship....this is the way to go


Bobby East and JOB were close friends since long but their relationship started to crumble for reasons no one knows up to now.


Are we going to see the two singers do a song together? Keep it


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