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Songs: Bobby East & J.O.B Beef Escalates, Fans Blame Bobby

Posted: 2019-02-11T15:46:40Z -13,288 People Read This

Zambian rappers Bobby East & JOB

Seven years ago, Zambian rappers Bobby East and JOB were very close friends just like bow and arrow.

It is believed, the two were not friendly for a long time, but later buried the hatchet. We are told; these two talented singers have not met each other in a long time.

Their beef was recently reignited with the song JOB’s most recent song "Dear Brother" which has some lines interpreted to be jabs at XYZ rapper Bobby East.


In his new song, JOB pours out his heart, narrating his side of the story ever since Bobby East bedded his (JOB’s) girlfriend.

After listening to JOB’s song, Bobby East also rushed to the studio and recorded a song that he has dedicated to JOB advising him to forget the past.

Bobby East’s reply (song) has caused mixed reactions on social media as seen in a screenshot below

Download JOB’s song here

Download Bobby East’s Reply

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