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Here's Why Some Artists Have Quit Zambia Association Of Musicians

Posted: 2019-01-08T20:40:00Z -4,735 People Read This

Zambia Association Of Musicians

LATEST on indicates that, the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) is in its preceding stages of survival unless GOD answer’s its prayers.

Last week, versatile musician Bflow resigned from his position as Spokesperson. Yesterday evening, music producer KB Yahya also threw in the towel and quit, though insiders say, KB had resigned earlier in November 2018 but he feared to officially announce his resignation.

Following their resignations from Zambia Association of Musicians, most stakeholders including the fans have been left in apprehension wondering what could be the problem within the artists’ union.


Digging deep into which demons are attacking ZAM, One of the NEC members told that, the reason as to why some members have started quitting (and more will quit soon in silence) is because – top NEC members within ZAM are using the organization to promote their personal agendas rather than pushing the association for the benefit of the Zambia music fraternity. It is also alleged that, some of the top committee members who have personal issues with some musicians have started dragging their differences to the association.

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