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Sexy Zambian Singer - Jay10 Releases Her First Music Video

Posted: 2018-12-06T20:33:34Z -7,267 People Read This

Zambian Artist Jay10 Has Officially Released Her Very First Music Video For Her Song Zuba That Features Kaladoshas

Take it or not but uprising Zambian Diva – Jay10 has this year punched above her weight in the Zambian music industry.

If that doesn’t sound well enough, then you will have to agree with that she finally broke the glass ceiling if her first video and audios are anything to go by.

Ever since Jay10 got signed under Dynasty Entertainment, her music curve has steadily gone in green - a sign that proves she’s amongst the five upcoming female musicians to watch out for in 2019.

Being her first ever music video, Zuba is a passionate song expressing deep emotions about the person who is most precious, cherished and dearest to you. In this video you’re about to watch below, Jay10 expresses her true love to the man she loves. 

Download Zuba Here

Watch The Sauce Video Below

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