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Shenky & His Music Producer - Jazzy Boy Split Over Money

Posted: 2018-12-05T17:13:20Z -4,424 People Read This

Zambian Artist Shenky Shugah (On Right) Who's Currently In USA Has Finally Split With His Long Time Producer Jazzy Boy.

In a thousand sad Zambians, Jazzy Boy could be the saddest. According to his most recent chats, discussions and one on one interaction with some of his close friends, Jazzy Boy could be regretting the day he started working with Afrobeats singer – Shenky Shugah.

Word reaching has it that, singer Shenky Tinnah Shugah of Shugah Sounds has split with his long time serving music producer Jazzy Boy. Shenky and Jazzy Boy fell out a few days ago after an argument related to money and payment issues.

In epigrammatic, Jazzy Boy has been the head music producer at Shenky’s Shugah Sounds. He has also been the official song writer for most of Shenky’s hit songs.

When Jazzy Boy asked his boss (Shenky) for some money so that he could find a house to rent, Shenky got so fuming and ended up terminating Jazzy Boy’s services. So, apparently Jazzy Boy has no place to stay but instead chosen to stay at his friend’s house until he finds enough Kwachas to rent somewhere.

How Shenky and Jazzy Boy Met:-

Shenky and Jazzy Boy have worked together for about half a decade. Shenky spotted talent in Jazzy Boy way back while he (Jazzy Boy) had just dropped out of school on the Copperbelt.

Shenky brought Jazzy Boy to Lusaka and introduced him to some of the established musicians by then. Being a fast learner, calm and obedient, Jazzy Boy started getting favours and invitations from many artists who wanted him to produce their songs.

To date, Jazzy Boy is amongst the top 5 celebrated and most trending music producers in Zambia. He has produced songs for Zambian artists including: Rollercoaster By Mampi, Chipembele By Drimz, Kwasa By Roberto, Switch By Dandy Krazy etc. He has also worked with musicians such as Macky 2, Chef187, BFlow, Drifta Trek, Judy Yo etc.

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