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Zambian Uprising Artists - Chileshe & Shaniqua Release Big Nyash

Posted: 2018-11-17T21:26:40Z -4,081 People Read This

Zambian Musicians Chileshe & Shaniqua Have Released Their Song

Zambia’s uprising divas Shaniqua and Chileshe have released their Big Nyash song. There is no doubt about their prowess and tenacity because they have really dedicated so much time to developing their careers and its no wonder their stature has further sky rocketed."

Having listened to Big Nyash song, its so hard to separate the two because they easily blended their styles in the song. Its only just a matter of time before it sweeps the Zambian airwaves.

Download Big Nyash Here

Currently, Chileshe and Shaniqua are working on the video on this song. will keep you posted about the same.

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