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Singer Kantu Dumped By Power FM Boss, Now Dating Drimz

Posted: 2018-11-09T07:43:32Z -4,936 People Read This

Zambian Musician Kantu Now Close To Drimz

CALM spoken talented musician Kantu is known for dating young handsome and muscular men. She has been linked to Kenny Tonga, the CEO of Power FM who later dumped her for unknown reasons.

The juicy news is that she is now worryingly close to Kabwe’s finest musician - Drimz, The two were spotted acting like Romeo and Juliet at one of Lusaka’s most happening night clubs a few days ago. Kantu and Drimz have been enjoying each other since last year. has learned that, while at the night club, Kantu gently held Drimz’s hand and the two ended up exchanging saliva. We are told, these two have been meeting on several occasions whenever Drimz is in Lusaka for music business.  

Well, we wish them good luck, and we pray that the ”Salt Muli Soup” doesn’t get diluted so soon.

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