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Photos: Iris Kaingu Feeling Bombshell's Assss At Lusaka July Event

Posted: 2018-07-17T17:53:20Z -11,441 People Read This

Zambian Rapper Bombshell Wins Best Dressed Female At Lusaka July Event

Over the years, Lusaka July event has gained a slew of devotees and most importantly, this event has become the place to display off-duty styles and a killer pair of elegant booties.

This event’s fashion reputation was built on a foundation of social networking from famous alcohol brands, events companies, fashion bloggers to social media style stars and the resulting influx of images. 

Social media sudden popularity created yet another immediate way to document Lusaka July fashion exploits during the festival each year. You just can't avoid it, even if you were in the middle of Nshima & Mbuzi.

Due to the open setting of the event, the traditional rules of fashion is fluid, often resulting in ensembles that look more appropriate for a beach than a fashionable bash.  The free-wheeling vibe of the weekend inspires attendees to take the opportunity to get a little distinctive with their outfits. Such is the style of dress at ‘Lusaka July: the quirkier and more socially unconventional, the better.

While this fashion does provide an excess of visual delights, there are some particularly wacky or heedless ensembles we wish we could un-see.  Like the ill fitting attire on totally wrong that seems to be only ‘acceptable’ within the confines of Lugogo grounds, but not one step outside. may ask, “How do these people leave their houses? The Lusaka July event exists in a cultural bubble where creativity to the point of being unusual is encouraged, but styles that are too eccentric immediately incite negative attention.

This event has forged a uniquely liberated style of dress, taking inspiration from established decades-old institutions. The dress code here tends towards booties, free-flowing dresses, and well, the least clothing possible.

Celebrities, models and socialites have attributed a very specific aesthetic to this fest. The ‘Lusaka July style is an amalgamation of deliberate attention to detail and relaxed hippie-couture, exemplified by personal creativity.  The dress code tends to break down into two over aching categories: the beach-bum artistic look and the casual couture mash-up look. team attended the event and asked a few people, who they think KILLED it when it came to DRESS CODE. Most attendees told this website that, female rapper – Bombshell deserved all the applause for her cream elegant dress. Actually, socialite Iris Kaingu ended up feeling Bombshell's behind as a way to appreciate her dress.

See Some Of The Photos Below

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