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Zambian Artist - CQ Warns Artists Over Fake Donations & Charity Work

Posted: 2018-06-02T09:00:00Z -3,508 People Read This

CQ Muzukulu, Zambian Musician

Self tagged – Most Handsome Artist in Zambia, CQ Muzukulu has advised his fellow musicians to stop doing charity work, in the name of donations.

Speaking to, musician CQ had this to say:

I have always wanted to say this but I have found an opportunity today. I personally think Zambian artists should stop donations and charity shows. I have never seen people who need help in the forefront to help others when they, themselves need much more help.

My fellow artists must be realistic and stop faking it. Actually, our artists plus the entire Zambian music industry needs a lot of help, therefore it's about time well-wishers started donating towards we artists who in return bring positive change.

Most of these musicians can not even afford a new pair or jeans or sneakers on every event, but they have the guts to invite the media when faking donations. Please stop that nonsense – CQ added.

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