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Legendary Zambian Artist - Maluma Coming Back To Zambia

Posted: 2018-05-20T12:36:29Z -3,383 People Read This

Australia Based Legendary Zambian Musician Larry Maluma

After 28 years in Australia, ten albums, sixteen music video clips under his belt and being honoured in a new book called Zambian Music Legends, Zambian reggae star Larry Maluma is expected to get back to Zambia. has not confirmed whether the reggae star will also hold performances while in Zambia, but all we can verify is, he’s coming back home in a few days from now.

Larry Maluma is an African roots reggae artist who has been actively recording and performing in Australia since 1985. There is no doubt that Maluma’s career path has been a long and tough one having left Zambia when he was just about to reach near stardom status and having to go and start all over again far from home.

While his albums have garnered critical acclaim and his previous release, Tusekelele (Let’s Celebrate) hailed as one of the most impressive albums of 2009 and one of the most admirable albums to be associated with African music, Bakaindi is even more impressive!! Maluma is a true independent artist. Never picked up, never dropped. 

We will keep you informed.

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