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Sexy Cassy Nyemba Rides Zambia with Captivating New Video

Posted: 2018-05-19T16:22:40Z -24,897 People Read This

Zambian Musician Cassy Nyemba Releases New Video For Her Ghetto Champagne

Dancehall female act Cassy Nyemba is trending for all the right reasons as her new ‘Ghetto Champagne’ video has gotten social media talking.

This morning, Zambian musician Cassy Nyemba released the much-anticipated video for her song, Ghetto Champagne, a remix that features Nigeria’s Zeez.

Ghetto Champagne was directed by one of Zambia’s visual producers and entirely shot on the out skirts of Lusaka city in Zambia.


Being one of the finest visuals to a track for some time now, it is understandable the raves the video has started receiving in and outside Zambia. In East Africa, Uganda’s top-notch DJ, Erycom even tweeted about it after premiering it on local TV channels in Uganda. confirms, this video looks like one that will get Cassy Nyemba riding the social media waves for some time to come. 

Download It Here or Watch It below:

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