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More Photos: Iris Kaingu Attempts Nude Shots In A Bathroom

Posted: 2018-03-28T04:06:09Z -40,742 People Read This

Zambian Socialite Iris Kaingu

ZAMBIAN socialite – Iris Kaingu’s recent photos have gone viral.

Iris took these photos last week while in Livingstone during the “Zambia Tourism Ambassador Search” outing. Iris shared a nude photograph of herself in a bath tub with just pure water covering her modesty.

These photos have caused mixed reactions from many Zambians across different social media platforms. has learnt that, the judges of the 2018 “Zambia Tourism Ambassador Search” will chose the winner out of all contestants depending on how much engagement each contestant’s posts on social media gain from the time the search started.

If that’s the criteria, then we can confirm that – Iris has already won,  reason being, each of her photos that she has posted ever since the competition kicked off has got a lot of engagement from her fans. 

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