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Singer Mumba Yanchi Consoles MP Keith Mukata After Being Sentenced To Death.

Posted: 2018-02-28T20:33:20Z -7,818 People Read This

Honourable Member Of Parliament Keith Mukata Sentenced To Death

Veteran soul music singer – Mumba Yachi now in DR Congo, has sent compassionate messages to former Honourable Member Of Parliament - Keith Mukata who was on Wednesday 28th February 2018 sentenced to death.

Mumba says, he remembers how good Keith Mukata treated him when they met in prison late last year.

 "I remember my days in prison.Me and Mr.Keith became friends and his spirit always lifted me up. Despite his situation, he was always very positive and always in good moods than some of us.


It’s so sad to learn about his conviction today. One thing I have learnt in prison is that, a human being is always pure at heart no matter what they may have done. It’s just so unfortunate the thing he did.I know he deeply regrets it.

Today it is easy to say;  ”Let the law take its course" but it is not easy to live to that fact.

May he find mercy in the eyes of the Lord even if the law of our land doesn’t. I pray for his family and friends – added Mumba Yachi

MP Keith Mukata With His Girl Friend

In May 2017, Keith Mukata was arrested and detained at Central Police in Lusaka following an incident in Rhodes Park at his office.

It’s believed that Mukata picked a fight with one of his girl friend. In the process, Mukata threatened to shoot the concubine as the security guard watched.

When the matter seemingly got out of hand, the security guard attempted to intervene in the Mukata-girlfriend fight. It’s at that point that – he (Keith Mukata) shot the security guard.

Mukata is former commerce minister in the MMD government. Last year, Mukata was sidelined by the UPND after snubbing their call to boycott President Edgar Lungu’s parliamentary address.

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