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Watch Video: LUSAKA: 73 Year Old Zambian Man Rapes 4 Year Old Girl

Posted: 2018-02-11T17:26:40Z -16,724 People Read This

Old Man In Zambia Rapes Young Girl,

This confession brought about commotion and mixed feelings amongst neighbours over the weekend  when a 4 year old little girl narrated how an old man inserted his big black Chikala into her.

Basing on the voice recordings obtained by,  the man believed to be in his late 60z gave a one Kwacha coin to the the little girl (name withheld for police investigations) in exchange for sex. In Zambia, this type of child abuse has become so common

A 4-year-old girl in Lusaka is fighting for her life after she was brutally raped by a neighbour when her mother was away attending a funeral.


It is reported that the suspect locked the 4-year-old girl in his house and raped her after he had sent the victim’s elder sister to buy him some juice. He later sweet talked the young girl never to tell anyone about the incident.

Upon her return from the funeral the victim’s mother noticed that the young girl didn’t want to take a bath because of the pain and she could not walk or pass urine. The little girl confessed that the neighbour – Mr so and so (name withheld for police investigations) slept on her,

Listen To The Girl’s Voice Recordings

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