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Zambian Women - Here're The 10 Questions To Ask A Man This Valentines

Posted: 2018-02-09T21:00:00Z -5,223 People Read This

If you're dating a man, Here're the 10 questions you should ask a man this year's valentine.

When you enter a relationship newly with a man, you ought to know more about him, and some questions you ask him could tell you more about him.

1. What’s His Family / Clan Name.
This question could be a huge indicator of your man’s perception of family; whether he’s the family kind of guy, the one that’s looking forward to having his own family or the one that doesn’t. Our families affect us more than we can imagine, and a man’s family background can tell a lot about him.

2. His Past Relationships.
Not that you are interested in his exz but knowing about his past relationships could be a lot helpful. This question could reveal the kind of guy he is relationship-wise. Not to end up settling with a guy who keeps sneaking back to one of his exz more so when you, the current woman you’re on your periods.

3. What’s Love To Him.
Not everyone believes in love or that true love exists. This question is kind of deep and would tell you his belief about love; if he cherishes love or not. Some men will only develop love that very moment when they wanna harvest your forbidden fruit.

4. What He Considers In A Relationship.
Everyone has in mind what they want in a relationship and so many people want different things. This question would reveal what an ideal relationship means to him.

5. His Type Of Woman?
Different men want different things in a woman; what might be very important to Jack might not even matter to Jill. Knowing his kind of woman could tell you if you fall along the line or not.

6. What His Hobbies Are?
A man’s hobby could reveal the kind of man he is; if he’s the conservative or adventurous type, if he’s fun-loving or reserved etc.

7. Would He Date A Virgin?
Believe this, not every man loves a virgin and not every man fully appreciates a woman who isn’t one; some men fantasize deeply about virgins while others don’t. This question would tell you where he stands on that.

8. His Take On No Sex Before Marriage?
Is he the kind of guy that can wait? If you don’t want to have sex would he be okay with it or try to pressure you into it. This question could tell you much more.

9. Would He Remain Faithful?
Dating a woman who doesn’t want sex is one thing, but him being faithful is the bigger task. Would he be faithful to you even if he doesn’t have sex with you?

10. His Future Life Goals?
It’s important to know your man’s goals and dreams for his life, what he envisions for the future and how he’s working hard to get there.

These ten questions would enlighten you more about the man you are about to date more so if the two of you met in a night club or on a bus trip.

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