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Zambian Model - Rowlands Defends Herself Viral Photo Shoots

Published: 2018-01-21T18:40:00Z -24,390 People Read This

Award Winning Model Alice Rowlands Zambian Model,

Zambia’s only internationally recognized model – Alice Rowlands has laughed at her haters, mostly Zambians who are wrongly interpreting some of her photos that went viral on social media last week.

Rowlands, a Zambian award winning model, now leaving in South Africa confirmed that, these photos were taken last year, and she now wonders why shallow minded Zambians are taking them as a big deal however much she herself is a big fish in the modelling industry.

Below is her response to the people that are criticizing her:-

Am an African I choose my Race with it's different kinds of shades with no regret I refuse to fall in a self petty Journey of thinking I should have been a shade lighter or have long black hair or blond hair, I refuse to feel the need of feeling Sensitive at each Stone thrown at me as an African.

I will never allow anybody make me feel less of who I am in my skin, You have the time to call us names yet u sit in the sun to tan so u could be a shade darker, you call us names because we have so much effect on your life that u can't stand our strength even after so much pain when you see a black person you get so bitter because you are not at peace with yourself.

A black woman is strong beyond your hate and bitterness because even with a chain on her neck she will smile and tell you she will survive, a black woman will choose to work for you and get paid to feed her child even after all your mockery she will still smile and work because her strength comes from way far beyond your hate towards a black skin.

Am human first before my colour !!! Stop showing your weakness by throwing Stones at a flawless, ground shaking different shades but still called BLACK. 


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