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Watch Video: Zambian Girl Practicing SEX Dances Before Her Kitchen Party

Posted: 2018-01-13T13:26:40Z -126,673 People Read This

Zambian Kitchen Party, Zambian Culture and Norms

Zambia’s contemporary heritage is a blend of values, beliefs, norms, material and spiritual traditions of more than 70 ethnically diverse tribal groups

In the Zambian Culture, it’s advisable that every bride must be groomed and taught how to make his man the happiest by giving him full sexual satisfaction in bed. When two grown adults decide to legalize their bedroom games and give it an upgrade to marriage after courtship, the man must first consult and seek advice from his elders before proceeding to the brides parents to inform them about his intention towards marrying their daughter.

If the bride’s family accept and welcome the man’s request to take their daughter, he then presents a token of appreciation (in most cases its cash money). It’s up to the man to offer the girl’s family any amount of money (locally referred to as Insalamu).

Immediately after the Insalamu is paid, the girl’s parents ask the man to pay a specified amount of money. This money is in other cultures known as bride price (locally termed as Lobola in Zambia). Jonathan Mwanza, a 31 year old business man in Lusaka told that, his wife’s parents asked him to pay 30,000 Kwacha (Approximately 2900 US dollars) of which he was unable to pay at once due to Zambia’s economy being in a ghastly state. He was then advised by the bride’s family to pay it in instalments as long as he fulfils it.

When both families consent, the bride’s mother goes ahead to hire elderly women (traditionally known as Bana Chimbusa or Alangizi) to offer both verbal and practical bedroom lessons to her daughter. 26 year old Bridget Mulenga who got married last week has confirmed to this website that, she spent 11 days with these elders teaching and guiding her on kitchen and social matters. These tutors also gave me concrete information on how I should satisfy my man sexually – Bridget told

During that time when the girl is with the elderly tutors, she’s not allowed to meet the yet to be her man until the final night (traditionally known as Ukuchesha or Chezela) to her big occasion.  Elders upto now believe that the girl gains back her virginity during that period when she was undergoing a sexual course with them  -  hmmmmm what a joke indeed.

During the Chezela, the bride is allowed to invite a couple of close friends and the groom's family selects its trustees to witness how cooked up the bride is before they finally welcome her into their family.

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