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Expozed: Here's The List Of The Top 5 Hottest Female Radio / TV Presenters In Zambia

Published: 2017-04-09T15:59:59Z -19,126 People Read This

The Most Beautiful Female Zambian Radio & TV Presenters

These babes are free, hot, wild and spontaneous TV / Radio Presenters that both Married and unmarried men look at or listen to and they keep tuning into their respective stations. They are the kinds of women that when you mention their names into a room full of bachelors, they stop working and begin the argument of who is hotter than the other, everyone will have their taste but has finally come up with its list of the sexiest Radio / TV presenters in Zambia. Well, stop and stare at beauty within these ladies with envy but they are a kind of girls everyone wants and dreams of being with either in bed or just as a close friend.

(5) Rhoda Mulenga (in the picture above)
Rhoda Mulenga is known for her exceptional beauty and talent as a speaker and presenter. She’s got an angelic voice and this just makes her even seem hotter than she appears. This QTV presenter of the Zilile and QTV Breakfast show knows a thing or two on how to look good and maintain it. More and more males watch the QTv Breakfast show because of her looks. Am one of them! I actually set my alarm to see her every morning. Hoping one day I will have her…said one of the dancehall artists in Lusaka.

(4) Liseli Moira Banda (in the picture above)
Everyone, in Lusaka City, knows Liseli Moira Banda. No? Tax drivers know her. The traders in COMESA also know her. Trsut us, even your neighbour knows her too. The Chief justice of Zambiaa knows her too. Everyone knows her. Why?? The chic is self-contained- She has got a steam bath, gym, swimming pool in her that your ex fiancee will use her as an excuse of consuming all the waters! Thank you ZNBC TV, you have given city single men reason to watch TV every time the beautiful Liseli Moira is on their TV sets.

(3) Kalu Konga

Since we couldn’t find any other female presenter as hot as Kalu, we chose to have her on this list though she’s no-longer with QTv. Kalu Konga is that bootylicious young babe you used to see on screens mostly on weekends as she hosted the married couple program on QTV. Atimes she also anchored the news. Kalu Konga is also a dancehall artist who’s slowly selling her brand. She is a beautiful, wondering wild creature. Her dreamy eyes can both hypnotize and inspire both the most helpless of the people. She is stylish, loves keeping up with trends and always ready to go an extra mile in everything she does. One of the Zambian musicians who won the Male Artist Of The Year told that if he ever gets to see Kalu’s nudes, his dreams will have come true. We can’t say much about Kalu apart from asking your man as to why he was always attentive when Kalu is was on QTV.

(2) Roxy Kangwa
Oh, sweet Jeeesus, how do we describe Roxy? She is a stunning beauty. She glows. Yes, she glows and glistens like a Lusaka dusty street in a Mercedes car advert. Her smile is the smile of the sun flashes when it sets on beaches surrounding Lake Kariba. Her figure? Oh, heavens, her body shape looks like it were drawn with a compass; round curves with bulges behind. For starters, she is the babe that hosts the Breakfast show on Radio Phoenix. Most of the Zambian male artists that have been close to Roxy on different events have confirmed to that Roxy is one radio female presenter who makes you cum there and then each time you get close to her. We bet, you won’t switch to another radio station if her show starts.

(1)Thandie Brethword Banda

If you don’t know real Zambian beauty, then you are a South Sudanese disguising as Zambian. Try to use Google, it will tell you Thandie Banda is the right definition of a sexy / hot woman in Zambia. Infact her small behind is also her face. Thandie is just that hot, sexy, cute, pretty, beautiful and slender nice looking young Zambian. When she started doing the teens program, a children’s show on Muvi TV, a few people made comments about her looks since she was also young by then. But ever since she begun reading the news on Muvi TV, all horny men around Zambia made sure that their monthly TV subscriptions are paid in time so as to watch her read the bulletin. Now, if you have been wondering why your boss never wants to leave his desk when news on Muvi Tv start, the answer is, Thandie Banda’s beauty.

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