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Zambian Artist "K'Millian" Records Song With Ugandan Star, Download It Here

Posted: 2016-09-18T12:00:00Z -28,325 People Read This

Zambian Artist K'millian With Ugandan Artist | Reports Dropa Hakainde

Just incase you didn’t know, four years back, Zambia’s legendary musician K’Millian, real names Leo Moyo recorded a song with the late Ugandan female vocalist Sarah Nampijja formerly as Sera. By the time the song was scheduled to be released, the beautiful Sera passed on. According to the correspondents in Uganda, It is alleged that Sera was on her way from a burial in Masaka district when she started experiencing acute stomach pains that resulted in vomiting that resulted in her collapse. She was then rushed to hospital where she stayed for 10 minutes before she passed. Speculations on the cause of death include; poisoning and a case of acute ulcers. Neither however has been confirmed as the cause of death.

Four years later after her death, the record label (Swangz Avenue) to which Sera was signed to, has today officially released this song that features our very own Zambian legendary musician K’Millian. Click Here To Download It.

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