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Richest Musicians In Zambia Revealed, Here's The Full List

Published: 2016-08-09T21:53:12Z -30,818 People Read This

Richest Zambian Musicians, Richest Artist In Zambia

You’ve all been wondering who Zambia’s richest musician is. Some of you think Zambian HipHop rappers are topping the list which is not. On contrary, we all understand the word richest in different ways. Most people believe that having so many houses as an investment is being rich yet to some people, having a lot of cash is being rich.

ZambianMusic.Net has made depth research on the argument of who owns the money, who owns the investments, who owns the cash and ofcorse who owns the Swag. Basing on the research carried out, we are sorry to inform you that your favourite artist did not make it to number. Some of you will doubt our research but trust us, we will respect your doubt in us.

Ladies and gentlemen, the richest musician in Zambia or rather the richest artist in Zambia is none other than Kayombo also known as King Kayo. We will not debate on this again and so the motion is closed. But before we end it, we would like to let you know that Kayombo owns a number of investments including his newly opened state of the art Kayo Lodges that we believe fetches the singer over $10000 dollars monthly an amount that no other musician earns. Kayombo also operates a number of import and export stores / shops in Lusaka city and this has earned him a good relationship with some of China’s richest men. So, before you start arguing, first check your wardrobe, you might find that most of your clothes were imported by the dancehall artist Kayombo.

Sources also revealed that Kayombo has a built a good relationship with some of the Award organisers in Zambia hence giving him the contract to supply those accolades that most entertainers and company staff wish to win. Kayombo who in 2013 turned his Range Rover into a taxi also owns a fleet of cars that are usually parked at his Kayo Lodges.

Kayombo investments’ are like a movie of series because they don’t just end. Kayombo has earned a lot outside his music career. Wait for our next edition next week as we bring you the remaining 9 musicians who made it to this list but ofcorse, Zambia’s second richest musician is a hiphop rapper. Click Here To See Kayombo’s Investments

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