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Zambian Model: Xarah Chibwe Going Higher

Published: 2016-02-29T09:56:43Z -16,685 People Read This

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Who is Sarah Chibwe? 

I am the last born in the family of four. I studied Information systems and networking. I love fashion, I feel it gives me a sense of freedom and class. I am a highly self motivated person who works without supervision, I love to travel, listening to music and I have a passion for nature. I am a cool, calm and composed person and I keep my dignity by doing what is comfortable with me and people around me.

How did you get into modeling and how long has it been now? 

Watching the Miss World in 2000 from boot camp to the finale was really amazing! I watched girls from different countries and how they presented and carried themselves very well. From that day I understood it better and that it was beyond just the Catwalk. As much as I wanted to start modeling, my parents wanted me to be done with college before I could start. I was done with college by 2013 and by 2014 September I enrolled for a  provincial beauty pageant.

What pageants have you taken part in and what was the experience like?

I have taken part in Miss Luapula and Miss zambia. I won Miss Luapula was beyond Happy! I couldn't  believe that my journey to Miss zambia had  just began. Participating in Miss Zambia Golden Jubilee was  full-filling and amazing because I met 24 girls from different provinces with different personalities. I made it to the top four and won Miss Personality Zambia. I didn't win the Miss Zambia title but I think the Miss Personality title worked well for me because it Just proved that my Personality Rocks!!!

You featured in Macky 2’s Video for ‘So much more’ and in Jay Rox’s Not For Sello, what was it like working with them?

Working with Macky was exciting and humbling, him being one of Zambias Biggest Artists... He is easy to work with which made it even more exciting! Working with Jay Rox was great; My role in the video was short but it was very interesting! But overall working with Jay Rox and Macky 2 was a wonderful experience.

You run a Boutique called “Hip Hop Boutique” - how did you start this Business?

I started my boutique business cause of the passion I have for fashion and my family greatly supported me. Currently my boutique is closed and I am changing the location of the boutique and the type of clothes.

What have been your biggest challenges in your journey?

Most companies do not use Professional Models for their adverts and it is hard for the Modeling industry to grow this way. Despite the hard work, effort and dedication that we put in our work clients offer very little money.

What Positive message would you like to spread in your community and to the World?

To each and every person out there - Trust not what inspires other members of Society to choose a career. Trust what inspires you!

Where do we see “Sarah Chibwe” the Brand in the next decade?

I see 6 out of 10 Zambians wearing my clothes!

Market your Beautiful province Luapula in nine words 

Countless Beautiful Tourist attractions, Investment opportunities and peaceful people!

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