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Zambian Artist - Wacheda Ballooned - Singer Expecting Another Child.

Posted: 2018-02-14T17:40:00Z -5,339 People Read This

Wacheda Zambian Artist

Fastest uprising Zambian musician – Wacheda is winding up all her bachelorette in anticipation of her maternity leave. Sources reveal that the sexy singer is about two months into her pregnancy.

This morning, a photo showing the heavy singer surfaced online leaving the fans in utter shock as they tried to ‘wake up’ thinking they are in the days of old testament . snoops now can confidently confirm that, Wacheda allowed her man to eat her forbidden fruits to an extent of watering them.

Meanwhile, Wacheda is also set to release her first video for 2018 in a few days from now. We will premier it as soon as we get hold of it.

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Download All Wacheda’s Music

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