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I Come From A Rich Family, That Mzungu Is Not My Girlfriend - Caristo Clears Air.

Posted: 2018-02-11T17:26:40Z -5,008 People Read This

Caristo Clear Quit Q FM Zambia, Clears Air

A few weeks ago, one of Zambia’s local radio presenters whispered to this website how former Q Fm radio presenter Caristo Clear had hooked up a white Mzungu woman who’s said to be in her pension phase.

This evening, Caristo Clear has confirmed to that, he can never date a cougar who’s old enough to be his mother. For your information, the white lady that I was attached to in last week’s headlines is my friend’s girlfriend and not my girlfriend as reported – Caristo roared.

In his own words, the celebrated radio personality further bragged before us that -  “I come from a very rich family; my farther is a popular man in Zambia. I have lived in Europe before for a longer period. I studied at Claremont school in Manchester United Kingdom for my elementary education. Actually, I will soon go back to Germany for my unfinished projects – Caristo added. Caristo also confirmed to this website that, like any other person, he peacefully quit Q Fm for bigger cheques.

Caristo also advised his enemies to work hard instead of hating him for his continued success. 

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