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Lusaka Men Nearly Harvested Singers "DAVAOS" Forbidden Fruits On Stage

Posted: 2018-02-05T21:10:00Z -13,958 People Read This

Zambian Musicians DAVAOS

ZAMBIA's new trending dancehall kids on the block – Anivao & Dalivao of the Davaos Duo may never forget last weekend as Lusaka’s horny men wanted to chew each of them live on stage.

This was during singer ”Jae Cash’s Birthday Bash”, where smartly dressed Davaos were one of the performers who ignited extreme fun and whopper excitement. Eishhhhhhhhhh, if you missed their energetic performance, you may never go to heaven unless you attend their upcoming big concert mid this year.

Meanwhile, before they could even sing, crowds were already begging them to only perform their recent ‘Biscuit" hit while wiggling ther juicy booties. “ Bwesheni Ifikala Fyenu Panshi”, loosely meaning ‘Kindly hold on’ while the crowd went wild.  

From the look of things, most horny men that attended this event wanted to have a concert of their own in each of the Davaos’ panties, though they (Davaos) kept on dodging those men who jumped on stage just in the name of laying a finger onto them.

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