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Zambian Singer - Rich Bizzy, Almost Raped By Female Fans On Stage

Posted: 2018-01-02T19:06:40Z -8,539 People Read This

Rich Bizzy Zambian Musician Survived Being Raped On Stage

Some of you are still writing 2017 when asked to fill in today’s date – hmmmm for sure you’re not alone, there’re so many of us. And now that we are so many who still think we are motionless in the year 2017, allow us to show you (in photos) how Zambian singer Rich Bizzy entered the year 2018 since he’s one of the few that are still in 2017 lol.

Our cameraman who attended this show confirmed to that, many ladies were seen undressing themselves on stage ready to contend with Rich Bizzy in a dance competition. See Photos Below.

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