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Women Sexual Fantasies Which They Remain Silent About

Posted: 2017-12-18T20:46:40Z -3,352 People Read This

Love & Relationships: Women Sexual Fantasies Which They Remain Silent About

Women are beautiful creatures with paradisiacal thoughts, and they are full of butterflies. There is the misconception that women do not like sex, well, or that they treat it without enthusiasm. However, you should know that women sexual fantasies could be an excellent plot for porn. For you to be aware of everything, this girls dating guide gathered the top 10 women's fantasy, which they remain silent about.

1. They want to be dominated by men.
Sometimes, a woman needs a real jolting, which even good sex cannot always give. At that very moment, she starts thinking about a man who could subdue not only her body but her mind and will as well. They turn off from this world, get rid of the accumulated stress and give themselves to men. If you see that your girlfriend wants to experiment, then this option will be a great start.

2. Reverse dominance (woman over a man)
Yes, there are also such women sex fantasies. In this case, a woman wants to show her superiority, swap social roles and feel as a dominant. What she will do in this game is a real mystery because nobody knows what is going on in the woman's head, and it's not safe to find this out.

3. Sex with a stranger.
Sex with a stranger is a risk, thrill, and excitement.  Sometimes, a woman is desperately looking for such feelings. It can be some handsome guy in the club, a new fitness coach or a guy who is John Snow's cosplayer, there are plenty of options in the women's sexual fantasy.

4. Sex for money.
This sexual fantasy is driven by prohibitions and the way society condemns sex for money, calling it by its word: prostitution. Of course, in this case, it's not about making money but about the desire to feel this excitement, adrenaline.

5. Sex with someone who is a taboo. 
It’s about sex with a person whom the girl knows personally. She realizes that getting in touch with him is a taboo, but what about the thoughts that swarm in her head and give rise to fantasies about her woman friend's boyfriend? In the most dissolute women's sexual fantasies, they have sex with their boyfriends' best friends.

6. Sex with a teacher.
These have been fantasies since the senior years and studies at the university. He stands and draws something on the board, and she looks at him and is touched by his ridiculous sweater with penguins. Some girls imagine themselves and their teacher in the most incredible situations and positions.

7. Lesbian sex.
Even ardent conservatives in gallant men's ranks are not against such fantasies of their girlfriends. 42% of women would not refuse to try to have sex with a girl. This desire comes rather from curiosity and interest than from an obsession. At this moment, a woman wants to feel the affection that she gives to a man during sex.

8. Role-playing games.
You look at your girlfriend, and you see a beautiful sexy girl. At this moment, she imagines herself a schoolgirl who has not done her homework. Perhaps, this is an attempt to satisfy the desire from the sixth point. However, you should better not try to understand her, but ask her for a diary.

9. Group sex.
Some girlfriends dream about it quite often. Such a fantasy is often a common thing among women who are in long-term relationships, who previously haven't had many sexual partners.

10. She watches someone, or someone watches her.
The whole point is adrenaline and fear of being caught. Or the girl is excited with the idea that someone will be watching the most intimate process that is usually engaged in private. The very idea of prohibition, the opportunity to be opened up, stirs the minds of women, forcing them to dream of such a perversion again and again.

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