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Zambia's Organized Family Filled Up Mozambique's Biggest Stadium

Posted: 2017-12-10T18:20:00Z -8,780 People Read This

Organized Family Zambia's Singing Music Group Has Made History. They Filled Up The Biggest Stadium In Mozambique.

Organized Family – a trio that comprises of three talented boys has officially become the first Zambian singing group / performing act to ever hold a concert in a foreign land and receive such an electrifying turn out.

The trio set out to more than triple its audience members from all its past concerts by filling up Mozambique’s largest stadium - and if Saturday night’s visuals are anything to go by, Organized Family definitely achieved their goal. Kudos guys for raising that Zambian flag.

From selling out all the golden circle tickets to bringing in a crowd large enough to literally fill out the Moatize stadium – which has a capacity of 15,000 – Organized Family did indeed made history. On a serious note, No Zambian entertainer has ever done this, a fan told

Not only was the golden circle filled to capacity but by 21:00 the other seating areas had a significant amount of concertgoers. This is not to mention the crowds who were outside the arena and could not get in as gates were already closed.

Watch Their Performance Video Clip Below

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