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Whaaat !!! Mampi's Female Fans Blast Her Over Fake Matako

Posted: 2017-12-07T20:53:20Z -8,452 People Read This

Mampi Zambian Musician Performed In Lusaka Over The Weekend, Unfortunately, Some Of Her Fans Said, Her Hips 6 Butt Are Fake.

LAST WEEK, revellers who attended Mampi’s Festivity show at Club Amnesia – Lusaka roared at her after realizing that she was wearing something inside they termed as a Fake Ass. Other female fans mocked her shouting to their loudest “you woman, get off the stage with your waist trainer”
Yes – has previously seen photos emerging to prove that Mampi might have artificially enhanced her hips and butt but the new photos that our reporters took last week while she was on stage at Club Amnesia are just more evidence to prove us wrong or right.

Singer Mampi’s ma-Hips and ma-Tako have been a subject of discussion for the last three years with many suggesting that she had a butt or hips Implant or she wears some doughnuts or waist trainers to look sexy.

The Swililililili singer has sang her way into the hearts of many music lovers and her ever swelling butt certainly doesn't hurt anyone, apart from causing eruptions and heat in Men's trousers.

Actually, we nolonger bother Mampi with the fake butt / hips questions because she gives political answers, she neither denies nor confirms the allegations.

As Mampi’s music career grows, so does her hips. In a new throwback photo (below) obtained from her social media pages, the self proclaimed Queen Diva appears to have had nothing to call German juice about 7 years ago when she was still a struggling musician.

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