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Slapdee Says: No Zambian Artist Can Fill Up Heroes Stadium

Posted: 2017-12-05T18:53:20Z -5,982 People Read This

Zambian HopHop Rapper Slapdee Says, Lets Hold On To Filling Up Heroes Stadium

Some of us by now are aware that top Zambian rapper – Slapdee released his ”Forget You” music video last week. As of today (Wednesday 6th December 2017), his video has only reached 61,573 people if all views from his facebook page, others pages and youtube are added together.

Slapdee is however disappointed that the rate at which Zambians support their own artists is still deliberate.

Slapdee took to social media saying: In a country like Zambia where people fail to make an artist’s new video reach 100,000 views in just a week, entertainers are still facing a big challenge.

Zambian musicians who’re thinking or planning to take on the Casper Nyovest Challenge of FillingUp stadiums should hold on – Slapdee added.


For now, no Zambian artist can “Fill Up Heroes Stadium”. We need followers and non followers, as in real music lovers; otherwise we might choose Filling Up Chilenje. recalls, according to the 2017 world statistics, 3.4 million people are connected to the internet in Zambia. This means, 20.4% of the total population get fast information through the internet. If that’s the case, then how come, a music video from a famous Zambian musician would fail to reach 100,000 viewers in a day ??? Click Here To Watch Slapdee's latest video


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