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Here're The Top 10 Zambian Habits That Should Remain In 2017

Posted: 2017-12-05T18:53:20Z -3,648 People Read This

ZambianMusic.Net brings you the most common habits within Zambians.

Many of you will resolve to start a new positive habit in 2018. Adding good habits can be fun, but unfortunately (most of the time), they don't work. And for that matter let's remove the negative habits that have been holding you back in 2017. Here we go:

Asking For lifts:
Guys, we know not everyone can afford a car but bothering other people requesting to be dropped off somewhere is tiresome. There are so many taxis almost in every corner of this poor country, and they are soooooo cheap. Please, stop stressing your friends and relatives more so to those people who go out at night to party.

Unprotected Sex:
You have the right to your body but not your life, therefore, this habit of h
aving unprotected sex just because you got so drunk is unacceptable and should remain in 2017. This should not be reason enough to face unpleasant outcomes like contracting HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. To our followers at UNZA, please take this serious in 2018.

iPhone Users:
Subscribers of this Smartphone company think they come from a different planet maybe, it’s even worse when it comes to Lusaka girls. Almost all iPhone users never keep their gadgets in their pockets or handbags. They flash the phones around all the time. Is the phone too heavy? And to you Zambian slay queens stop reminding us of the phone type.

Poor Event Concepts:
Please event organizers, can you be more creative and organized in 2018. We are tired of copy and paste. We have witnessed the word festival being ‘raped’ in 2017. From Nshima Festival, Kapenta Festival, Chipata Fest, OctoberFest, Chilanga Mulilo Fest....this is just too much. Event organizers, please think outside the box otherwise some us are ready to boycott your events in 2018.

Lately, some Zambians can’t enjoy a vacation, watch football, and receive gifts without announcing on social media. They want the world to know everything about their lives. Do you think we even care ??? Eishhhh please spare us in 2018.


“Artificial” Celebrations:
I think it’s not only me who is bothered by the number of baby shower messages that keep popping up on my phone. I don’t really understand why someone would throw up a party before they even see the baby. This should also remain in 2017.


This is so common on the Copperbelt land. Girls in Chingola, Kabwe and Ndola have been turning up in bars putting on the popular Puma Feather like Sandals. Please, girls don’t carry the trend in 2018. We are tired..OK !!!


“Slay queen” is one word that has been wrongly used a million times.For example, you can’t call Kachanana, a slay queen ...Slay should be used to mean people living a high-end life. People like Iris Kaingu, Fatma Nelson fit that status but not that boarding house girl residing in Kabwata surviving on roasted cassava.

Throwing Money: 
The idea of receiving quick fame by simply hawking your money is not cool. So to our talented Zambian musicians, this is an old trend that should be buried in 2017 unless you want to prove to us that, all your relatives are financially doing well.


Failure To Return Borrowed Money:
In the coming year, kindly be nice !!! 
Let’s all adopt the ability to refund money that was made available to us during hard times. Many people are always calm and soft when they need money but when paying back times, they start playing hide and seek.

Anything we have forgetten, please….!!!

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