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Lusaka DJ, Blasts Faded Singer Leo Muntu - You're Expired

Posted: 2017-11-29T18:26:40Z -3,415 People Read This

Zambian Musician Leo Muntu Black Muntu

Faded & Failed Zambian singer Leo Muntu, has vowed to teach struggling deejay – Bigfat Nando, a lesson of a lifetime.

Last evening, Bigfat Nando, a Lusaka based wanna-be DJ took to social media and roasted Leo Muntu like Nyama Ya Mbuzi (goat’s meat).

In his post, Nando told his followers that “I pity this faded singer - Leo Muntu who thinks Zambia owes him for having had made the country dance to his music in the far past, hmmmm I feel for him – Nando added.

Nando’s opinion went upto Leo Muntu’s medulla oblongata forcing him to spit bark back to the struggling deejay.

As expected, Nando’s advice did not sit well with Leo Muntu as he went atomic on his facebook account ranting and warning to beat Nando to the pulp if he continues talking trash about his music failure.

Sit down and be humble because you had the Respect, Fame, Talent and Favour, but you stupidly mismanaged it all hence wasting your time – Bigfat Nando reminded Leo Muntu !!!

We will keep you posted about the same

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