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See Video: Lusaka Airport Has No Toilets - Passengers Fight With Staff

Posted: 2017-11-20T20:33:20Z -3,073 People Read This

Kenneth Kaunda Lusaka Airport

Passengers flying From LUSAKA AIRPORT have this evening brazen out some airport staff due to the poor state in which the airport is in apparently. has learned that, yesterday, a mixed combination of passengers who were travelling with Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates and South African Airways got angry to a degree of throwing punches to some of the ground staff at Lusaka airport.

It all started with a female passenger who gently asked an airport staff where the toilets were located in the “Ready To Board” terminal. The passenger was told that, Lusaka airport has no toilets for passengers who have already checked-in and set to board an aircraft.

The passenger got so angry and almost slapped the staff. A male passenger who earlier had urinated within the “Ready To Board” room advised the fuming female passenger to also go behind the old furniture and ease herself because the airport had no toilets. This did not go well with the irritated female passenger who later shouted to her loudest while filming video clips that exposed the crumbled state in which the airport is in now. has learned that, apparently, there are no air conditioners within Lusaka airport particularly in the last room where passengers “Ready To Board” sit.

On a hot day like yesterday, passengers were seen (Click Here To See Them) using their boarding passes to cool themselves down since the roof is also old fashioned with no ceiling.

A staff member at the Airport has also told this website that, the same dark room where “Ready To Board” passengers sit no-longer has any shops where passengers would atleast buy soft drinks to refresh themselves on hot days. There are no sockets to even charge our phones – another passenger was hard shouting.

Most annoying with Lusaka airport are the old fashioned plastic chairs that have now turned from yellow to an unknown colour. One passenger told that, the last time she saw such plastic chairs was two decades back.

Watch Video Below – Passengers Complaining At Lusaka Airport


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