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Zambian S3X TAPE Featuring Top Army Officials Leaks - Watch It Here

Posted: 2017-11-07T18:40:00Z -42,314 People Read This

Zambia Army

LAST WEEK, a S3X tape featuring a Zambian man and woman went viral hence making rounds on social media. In that tape, a man in his mid 30’s and woman in her 30’s are seen enjoying the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Basing on the video clips obtained by, we’re convinced that the woman in these clips was shared like popcorn amongst 3 other men who were in cue waiting for their turn to also taste the woman’s fruit.

Zambians who got a chance to watch the S3X tape were left wondering and questioning themselves who the men in the clips were.

After an extensive research, has managed to find out who the main actor in this S3X tape is. The gentleman in the tape is called Thomas Chisanga. Most of his friends and work-mates know him as Bashi Mphatso. He works with the Zambian Army attached to Ministry of Defence.

Watch this S3X tape – Part 1 Here

Watch this S3X tape – Part 2 Here

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