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FADED Zambian Rapper Brisky Attacks TiyeP & Cleo IceQueen

Posted: 2017-11-07T16:07:47Z -6,897 People Read This

From Left T Right: Zambian HipHop Rappers TiyeP, Brisky & Cleo IceQuee

FADED female rapper Briksy Kasongo has taken hot shots to fellow rappers TiyeP real names Jonathan Nyirenda and Cleo Icequeen.

Brisky has without fear or favour confirmed that rapper Tiye P has been flatting on each and every song ever since she (Brisky) first heard of him. Brisky went ahead and told TiyeP’s fans that he (TiyeP) will always be an up & coming musician unless he steps up his game.

Brisky also surprised everyone when she accused Cleo IceQueen of being a wanna-be rapper who has failed to make a hit song but rather chooses to be a Nicki Minaj copycat. Brisky posted photos of Cleo Icequeen that in some way supported her estimation of the two.

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