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Zambian Artist - DJ Cosmo Tops Music Video Charts In Jamaica

Posted: 2017-08-28T03:13:20Z -4,520 People Read This

Zambian Musician DJ Cosmo

TOP dog of Dancehall music in Zambia – DJ Cosmo, also referred to as the Dancehall MagiXian seems to be at his highest peak by now after filling up Kitwe based night club Hashtag over the weekend where revellers turned up for the Kamoflage party that featured Zimbabwe’s finest Buffalo Soldier.

Away from that, has learned that, DJ Cosmo’s nationwide hit – She Ah Bomb has started giving Jamaican artists heart attacks. Some Jamaican singers have even started panicking – a media personality in Jamaica narrated to this website.

DJ Cosmo’s She Ah Bomb is amongst the Top 10 Dancehall Songs that are currently topping video charts in the land of weed and twerking. Beginning of August 2017, She Ah Bomb video was the newest entry on Jamaica’s biggest TV channel CM TV at number 8.

Apparently, She Ah Bomb video has taken up the number one position on CM TV - Kingston beating the likes of Grace Hamilton aka Spice, Spotlight, Talio, Stampede, Influential etc. Click Here To Watch Video Clip from CMTV


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