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See Video: Faded Zambian Singer - Dalisoul, Now Eating Rats For Survival

Posted: 2017-08-13T10:26:40Z -6,097 People Read This

Dalisoul Zambian Musician has learned that jaw dropping faded singer Dalisoul must be having the highest number of debts at the moment more so that his pockets are too flat.

If you thought that Dalisoul earned alot from his old hit songs, hmmmmm then you were wrong. The “Chipyango” hit maker actually saved nothing to his name.

However, the ghosts of brokenness don’t just let you go, they will find a way to bring you down and this could be the reason as to why Dalisoul has resorted to eating rats for survival.

And, with Zambia’s poor economy where most men have resorted to using one condom for three rounds, is afraid that, many of our musicians might end up like Dalisoul.  See Video Clip Below !!!

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