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CONFIRMED: Here's The List Of Zambia's Top Artists Who Leave Fans Yearning For More.

Posted: 2017-08-01T17:53:20Z -17,271 People Read This

Top Zambian Musicians

Events are fast becoming part of our Zambian social norm, from festivals, bashes to over the top Chilanga Mulilo. The one constant however is entertainment. No matter the party size, you need to keep the crowd happy. The young and trendy generation may love the vintage artists but when the lights get dimmed and the beer makes rounds, then out with the old and in with the new.

With that said, today, brings you the list of Zambian musicians that have never kept the crowd bored. These artists have always left the audience craving for more and more of their performances. Some of the prominent events promoters that we talked to confirmed to this website that, the artists mentioned below will even ask the promoter the size of the stage before they turn up for the show.


#5 Dandy Krazy:
We know him as Dandy Crazy, but he prefers calling himself King Dandy, yet his real names are Wesley Chitambo. Our research has proved that, Dandy Crazy, as his name sounds, is one Zambian musician who gets on stage and fans start getting closer to the stage just to witness his fanatical performances.

A female fan to Dandy Crazy told this website that, every time she attends events where he (Dandy Crazy) is performing, she never goes back home with any single ngwe (coin). This confirms to us that, Dandy Crazy is one artist who entertains, performs and sings to an extent that people end up emptying their wallets. Eishhhh this 40+ singer is good at his thing hence coming into number five. 

#4 Mimi Krazy:
With only one diminutive hit song titled "Kanyanta" which featured singer Dandy Crazy and Chester, fastest uprising musician Mimi Crazy still manages to muddle the crowds.

Ever since Mimi Crazy got herself a stain in the Zambian Music Industry, she has proved to most Zambians that she has what it takes keep the “Queen Title” in the music game.

Mimi crazy is one crazy artist who brings out the reality in her while on stage. The moment she makes an accapella of her hit single, all horny men move closer to the stage and fling money to her. What we can validate is that, Mimi Crazy can shake her bums and she leaves you imagining how she shakes it when in bed with her man if not men.


#3 Afunika:
Born and raised in Chingola in 1985, Frank Chirwa popularly known as Afunika aka The Eye Of An Eagle aka The Ladies’ Man attends atleast 2 Shows per Week. His character, image, charisma is brought out in his dubbed, "New Version Of Kalindula" music genre. Afunika doesn't stay a couple of months with no hit song. We must admit he is the reason why married men spend there nights out loitering from night clubs to bars and finally to lodges.

Early this year, Afunika he released a song titled "Amina" which was received wholeheartedly by fans and just afew weeks back, he released another hit "Stoppila Sunzu" which is on every DJ's playlist. In most cases, Afunika collaborates with top notch dogs in the Zambian music arena.

Afunika is one artist who will, jump on stage, and all females dump their men just to get closer to him to witness how he trembles his waist with his shirt off showing his sex-packs. Ask your woman why she always begs you to allow her go to an Afunika show – now you know why. How about if you thanked for gossiping about it !!!

When Afunika steps on stage, hmmmmm, his smart wire pack right behind him doing their signature dance, the crowd goes mental. Ladies screaming from all corners while the dudes mimic his every step.

Afunika has performed all over Zambia and abroad. His inimitable stage performance and sizzling dancing queens has since remained his main TRADEMARK to his audience.

#2 Mampi
Zambian musician Mampi, real names Mirriam Mukape is one of the top most celebrated female musicians to come out of the Zambian Music industry.

Mampi has several hits and singles to her name. She has indeed struggled acrimoniously to get to the top of the game. Those of you that know her on a personal level can testify her thrash about. She calls herself "The Queen Diva" and we think she deserves this title as she inspires many wanna-be divas.

Although Mampi has not had any hit for the last two to three years back, he has continued to hypnotize audiences within and across borders. The Zambian  7th Big Brother reality show representative takes all her shows on fire with or without her dancers. She is well known for her exceptional dance moves which many patrons have since nicknamed "Bedroom dance"

Research proves that 80% of the crowd in her shows are "horny men" that end up salivating each time she’s on stage twerking her (behind) bokosi. Most of her fans say “Mampi’s performances are addictive. In this case, we at say, if Mampi has managed to come into the third position on this list, then, the "Walilowelela" "Swililili" hit maker has made it in life.

#1 Ruff Kid
Masauso Nkhoma popularly known as Ruff Kaida “The Messiah” aka Khoi-Khoi is one Zambian versatile musician who has ruled the Hip Hop music genre for now close to a decade. We now classify him amongst the Legends of contemporary Zambian music.

He is best known for his distinctive taste and art when it comes to stage work. His performances are actually rated 18+ with a parental advisory warning “Don’t Try Ruff Kid at home”.

He is rated the most energetic, artistic and charming male entertainer in Zambia. He is one of the most talked about musicians in Zambia .He has the highest number of haters and the biggest number of controversial die-hard fans.

Just Last week, a local radio presenter made it clear that, Ruff Kid practices witch craft and believes in demons, hmmmm well, believes that Ruff Kid is the right definition of an artist. Remember, not all musicians are artists, and not all singers are entertainers – But, Ruff Kid is all. We can exclusively end this topic by saying, Ruff Kid is like a self contained house in Lusaka city – Period !!!!

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