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ZAMBIA: Could This Be DAVAOS International Breakthrough Hit ? Watch Video Here

Posted: 2017-07-29T23:13:20Z -4,548 People Read This

Davaos Zambia Slapdee Yanga Sili Common Video

ZAMBIAN artists are steadily mastering the art of making a good video and indeed, Anivao & Dalivao of the famous dancehall duo “DAVAOS” aren’t letting this train leave them behind.

The highly versatile duo that has recently been involved in some really successful music tours teamed up with Zambia’s biggest rapper / artist Slapdee on a new single called Yanga Sili Common”.

Produced by Kekero with a tinge of Dancehall and some subtle strings in the back, the song “Yanga Sili Common” is one funky track that you can rewind again and again just to keep yourself miming to that same song.

Anivao seems to only keep getting better with time as she delivers what might be one of her best choruses (be advised, they are many) plus a smooth verse, and Dalivao comes in with the more turbulent delivery that is common in Dancehall tracks while still staying on the topic of being infatuated.

Slapdee aka King Dizzo then winds up the song with his unusual raps that keep you wanting more and more of his verse, but eishhhhhhh he kept it brief and bona fide. beleives that, Zambian musicians are not only learning how to make a video that looks good but are also learning how to make a video that is interesting to watch and yet doesn’t make use of many expensive props and fancy locations. This video below is a good example, so check it out and don’t forget to share it.


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