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Sad News: Another Zambian Musician Dies - ZESCO Killed Him

Posted: 2017-07-25T16:26:40Z -18,525 People Read This

Gospel Zambian Musician Dead

Zambian Gospel singer Joseph Chishimba, of the Peace Preachers, a gospel music group, died on Sunday, a family relative has confirmed to

At first, it seemed like a hoax because none of the peace preachers was commenting about it. So, the fans were left guessing if it was true or not.

But, ccording to one of the members of Peace Preachers, Joseph Chishimba, whose stage name was Jerusalem, was electrocuted while hanging his cloths on the line. Its believed that, there was a Zesco wire that was left open on an electric pole.

The same pole also acted as the supporting terminal to the line that Joseph always used to hang his cloths.

Joseph Chishimba, rose to fame after releasing his first ever music video “Mphavu Zanu” that was gained massive airplay both on radios and TVs.

Many gospel music lovers in Zambia have expressed their wretchedness after hearing that, Joseph had had his last breath on Saturday.

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