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AGAIN !!! Lusaka's S3X Glutton Mainga Mwaanga - Caught Pushing His Fingers In Teenagers Punani

Posted: 2017-07-10T18:06:40Z -9,319 People Read This

Mainga Mwaanga

HOTTEST on our desk proves that Lusaka’s Sex glutton Mainga Mwaanga, son to veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga is not giving up with skirts any time soon. Even after being labelled all sorts of names including his most recent one “BLESSER DA DON”, the bulky money spender is not satisfied with all the Punanizzzz he has screwed.

Now, information reaching confirms that, Mainga Mwaanga hooked up a sweet 16teen over the weekend while he was in South Africa’s capital Johannesburg as seen in the photo above. Revellers who spotted Mainga in club while kissing the young girl and forcing his fingers inside her tiny forbidden fruit took to social media and started insulting him with all kinds of mischievous words.

With this horrific economy of ours in Zambia, we’re pretty sure that so many young girls, actually even including your wives might end up falling in Mainga’s net after-all he has the money that attracts most females of this country.

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