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Reggae / Dancehall Zambian Artist "JOB" Has Changed His Stage Name

Posted: 2017-05-15T15:02:00Z -3,878 People Read This

Dancehall Zambian Musician JOB

PRODUCER, rapper and songwriter J.O.B Nichikali (Job Mwanamwale), who is known for his song Going Higher that hit the airwaves in 2010, has changed his stage name to Jahmali and his music style to some kind of slow music 

J.O.B, oh sorry, Jahmali, was one of the meanest rappers on the local front who never shied away from expressing himself through his songs such as Hallelujah, Punkutupwah and Leya, which features CQ Muzukulu. J.O.B’s assistant manager Mwelwa Marcus told the Weekend Mail in Lusaka that the change in name is because the rapper has grown and wants to shed his previous reputation as a rapper.

“J.O.B has been transformed, if you meet him today, he is a new being, his dress code is new, even just the way he looks at things has really changed,” Marcus narrated to

“He is also now singing slow humanitarian type of music, different from the fast, arrogant and rough rap he was doing. Anyone can change and still become a better person, [and] Jahmali is someone who puts other people’s interests first and sings for Africa.

“Jahmali is a man of spirit, down to earth, hardworking and willing to make a change unlike J.O.B who was full of self-praise and never cared about other people.” Since his transformation, J.O.B has released songs like Badman, Apology, Overtime, Venus and No Lie among others.

Marcus is urging fans to continue supporting J.O.B even as he goes through what she calls a “tremendous change in his life”. She says the name Jahmali has a lot of positive meaning behind it. “It means a man who talks about life, someone who believes in life and one who is ready to learn.”

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